C. elegans Synchronizer

Healthy, Synchronized, Phenotype free worms

 The C. elegans Synchronizer is a manual worm Synchronizer that allows you to achieve near absolute synchronization in your L1 harvest with no bleach or chemicals, and with little or no training required. You get healthy worms while increasing the reproducibility of your data.

With the C. elegans Synchronizer, you can:

  • harvest small and large volumes of 100% synchronized L1s from a mixed worm population without the use of chemicals or starvation.
  • get synchronized worms that do not contain phenotypes caused by bleach or food arrest.

  • eliminate the need for worm controls and variable outcomes.

  • seperate Adults from offspring in Lifespan assays.
- model 5000 - - model 700 -                         

 Key advantages: 

  • Healthy worms (Fig. B), larger L1 yield, highly reproducible data (Fig. A)
  • Phenotype free worms synchronized without bleach, chemicals and starvation
  • Improved level of synchronization with little variation (Fig. C)
  • Achieve consistent results with little or no training required.

Below results for the CES (v2) protocol versus sedimentation and bleaching protocols are from Nagi Bioscience located at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). Nagi Bioscience is working on the first Organism-on-Chip technology using C. elegans, creating a technological platform that is fully automated in vitro handling, culture and analysis. If you are interested in the development by Nagi Bioscience of the the first Organism-on-Chip technology using C. elegans, you can reach them by sending an email at 


  Experiment A   Figure A. Results showing the reproducibility of the CES to generate synchronous L1 population across 34 replicates. L1 worms were injected and cultivated on chips during 5 days. Each channel (represented on the x-axis) corresponds to 3 to 8 microfluidic chambers containing 1 to 4 worms. Each dots represented on the graphic correspond to the timing (in hours) when the first egg is observed in average in the corresponding channel. The error bars represent the standard deviation.


  Experiment B   Figure B. Comparison of the percentage of fertile worms between three methods of L1 synchronization. Each bar represented on the graphic correspond to the percentage of chambers (on average) with fertile adult worms. n corresponds to the number of chambers analyzed. The error bars represent the 95% CI.


  Experiment C   Figure C. Variation of the timing to reach the adult stage across single individuals. Each dot represented on the graphic correspond to the variation of the timing for single worms to reach the adult stage, compared to the whole population analyzed. n corresponds to the number of single worms analyzed. sd corresponds to the value of the standard deviation. All 'CES' worms reach adulthood virtually at the same time, demonstrating the superior level of synchronization of the CES versus the Sedimentation and Bleaching protocol.






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Ordering Information: 


 SKU  Image  Description  Price USD  Price EURO
 CES-5000  CES 5000 Set 831x621  CES-5000 C. elegans Synchronizer System  (5000mm2 surface)  $4,672.=  €4,450.=
 FSCE-5000  CES 5000 Set 831x621  Additional CES-5000 Stabilizing Filter   $2,156.=  €2,054.=
 FHCE-5000  CES 5000 Harvest Filter 831x621  Additional CES-5000 Harvest Filter   $2,156.=  €2,054.=
 CESFH-01  Holder_Funnel_Tube_Spare.jpg  CES-5000 Funnel + Holder + Tube  $462.=  €440.=
 CESF-SP-01  Funnel Spare  CES-5000 Funnel (Spare Part)  $357.=  €340.=
 CESFH-SP-01  Holder_Spare.jpg  CES-5000 Funnel Holder (Spare Part)  $176.=  €168.=
 CESHR-SP-01  Funnel_Ring_Spare.jpg  CES-5000 Funnel Holder Seperator Ring (Spare Part)  $71.=  €68.=


 CES-700  CES 700 Filters Set 831x621  CES-700 C. elegans Synchronizer Kit  (700mm2 surface)


 FSCE-700  CES 700 Stab Filter 831x621  Additional CES-700 Stabilizing Filter 


 FHCE-700  CES 700 Harvest Filter 831x621  Additional CES-700 Harvest Filter   $1039.=  €990.=


  • Educational Institutions may apply for a special discount.  
  • A rebate may be available when ordering additional filters in combination with the CES system or when ordering multiple filters.


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